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Cleaning Reinvented

SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN cleans deeper than any other industrial floor cleaner, all the way down to the molecular level. SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN preserves, protects and restores. Imbuing most hard-mineral surfaces that inherently inhibits microbial growth. A self-cleaning veneer of fluoride, the same molecule that helps to protect your teeth from decay, SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN protects your floors from the slippery film and disease laden environment caused by other disinfectants and petroleum-based cleaners. By eliminating the environment these pathogens thrive in, SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN makes your workplace a safer, friendlier environment for anyone interacting within a space treated with SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN.

Before; Diseased, Dirty, Dangerous.

After; Germ-Proof, Self-cleaning, Slip/Safe when wet.