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Proposal and Marketing Plan
SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN: distributorship

This original idea so unique that it was patented (5,223,168) has had a recent history of dramatically reducing public liability and worker’s compensation rates.  Over a three year period, a franchised family food chain of 40 stores enjoyed a $600,000.00 savings by instituting safety awareness training, engineering (slip safe) and an enforcement program.  Safety awareness of this magnitude, as a bulletin, published by various State Restaurant Associations, gives you, as a distributor of the product, an overwhelming credibility factor. You can easily become a vendor for a variety of food service providers and retail customers and develop a respectable residual income. They will do the selling. All other users (hotel/motels, health clubs, convenience stores, building facilities, or factories, automotive and many other others that have a need for an environment that spells success by demonstrating excellence and professionalism) have organizations similarly available for news bulletin releases. Editors of national trade magazines consider bottom line insurance savings of critical importance to their readers in this sue happy world we live in. An article, “Safety under Foot or Floor Borne Danger?” -see Testimonials section.
Exclusive territories are now available with no up front cost except for an appropriate territorial inventory to cover the immediate delivery to inevitable customers.


"About founder, Gary Holt"

"I have witnessed a man who perceives financial pain before it is expressed. A man who lives in a space, demanding the best in me and giving me the inspiration to stretch my imagination on any and all facets of my life. To levels I thought impossible. This deliverance erases the financial pain because it makes it unnecessary. It replaces that pain with a light of financial independence, truth, and integrity about myself, forever. I consider such a gift to be of the greatest value. It transcends all boundaries of comparative value and gives me a feeling of perfect love for myself. Such a man was chosen carefully, such a man will live on infinitely in my heart, and in the eyes of all kindred spirits so inclined to the same destiny. At the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end there is no greater friend. "

  -From a distributor