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The late distinguished professor Dr. Robert W. Parry, the head of the Inorganic Chemistry department at the University of Utah, did a series of chemical tests on SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN in order to verify and quantify the results seen with SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN. Professor Tom Richmond* succeeded Professor Parry as head of the Inorganic Chemistry department and conducted, with his graduate department, an extensive study related to the science originally claimed by Professor Parry which later validated owner and CEO Gary's patent. They confirmed that the SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN claims are correct.


There are many who contributed to the research and development of SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN. Dr. Parry's discoveries, as Chief Consultant, were the result of years of empirical observations. Collaborators or researchers include, but are not limited to:


    Irina M. Curelaru-Nelson, Ph.D., Technical Physics, Ceramic Chemist, Nuclear Physicist, Gothenburg.


    Burden C. Musgrave, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


    Francois Cheong-Sait-Moy, Ph.D., Professor of Civil and Structural Engineering, California State University, Sacramento CA.


    Jerald D Nelson, Ph. D. Economics University of North Carolina.


    Chief Counsel, Affidavit research, Sullivan Roche and Johnson, San Francisco, Ca.


    O. James Pardau, Geologist, Environmental Management Consultant, key roll in Federal Resource Conservation and recovery act     (RCRA).


    Kevin Greenwood, Chemist, University of Utah.


    Nancy Eastes, Industrial Hygienist, State of Utah, Industrial Commission.


    Leo Ferroni, Lab Technician, State of California, Department of Transportation Division of Facilities Construction Transportation     Laboratory, Rigid Pavement Branch, Sacramento CA.


    Ernest Ferrer, Senior Industrial Waste Control Technician, Department of Public Works, San Diego, Ca.


The bacteriofrenic nature of such a surface is so important that non-fluorinated surfaces such as restrooms, kitchens, pools, etc., were until now, serious unresolved health problems. All research has been performed as part of our own due diligence and on your behalf.


*For confirmation of results, email Tom Richmond  @