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Endorsed by large insurance groups, National restaurant association, major tile companies, and Workers Comp Association. Provides only protective legal affidavit for participants in the Industry. EPA and OSHA approval. Endorsed by scientific community. Millions of applications on file. Consultant for American Building Maintenance (ABM) and American Hotel/Motel Association.




Falls from slippery floors are a major cause of injury and expense.  SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN renews and maintains floors in a clean, slip resistant condition, and greatly reduces injuries from slips SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN is a relatively new product with a combination of chemicals used exclusively by SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN.  One chemical in particular, hydrofluoric acid (HF), is mostly used in industry at much higher concentrations, and has a reputation as a hazardous material.  We examined hazards associated with the low levels of hydrofluoric acid in SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN to see if they can be controlled appropriately.

As used for daily cleaning the product has .26% hydrofluoric acid by weight.  At this level, health effects are very small; it is not corrosive to living tissue and is non-toxic by OSHA standards.  Tests were conducted by an industrial hygienist, showing exposure to hydrofluoric acid vapors well below hazard limits established by OSHA.

As SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN is used to a great extent in food service settings, another concern is potential contamination of food products.  Safety in this regard comes from a combination of factors: 1) hydrofluoric acid is a very low concentration, 2) it is meant for use on floors, and is not as a general-purpose cleaner for equipment, walls, etc., 3) it is typically used for large-scale cleaning after hours when most food products are in storage.

SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN has been used for several years on a variety of floor finishes with few problems.  Grout is the most common problem with ceramic tile floors; experience shows that SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN preserves and strengthens the grout.  Problems were limited to glazed tile where the product was used too strong, and were remedied by (1) cutting the concentration, (2) "neutralizing" with an oil-based application, or (3) a combination of these.  In a few cases the remedy was to reseal the floor surface with an acrylic or epoxy concrete sealer; solutions were always possible.

The product is diluting enough per DOT regulations to be shipped under classification 55, liquid cleaning compounds.  Any DOT approved plastic shipping container is appropriate for shipping the product.  SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN may not be shipped by air, as is true with all cleaners containing acids.

Environmental regulations do not call for regulating the storage of unused product and disposal of spent product in quantities used for normal janitorial purposes. SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN contains chemicals subject to the reporting requirements of SARA Title III (mandates reporting to local emergency management agencies), but as a practical matter, this applies to distributors only.

The environmental impact of SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN is anticipated to be minimal.  The dilute acids present should react with calcium carbonate (present in all water) to form fluorapatite. (fluorapatite is a mineral found commonly in many soils), which removes the fluoride from the solution and deposits it as a chemically stable solid which is often present anyway.


 World-class testimonials

World-wide acknowledgement

Maintenance cost is the most expensive element, which SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN reduces.

Toughest water control district in the country accepts introduction of slipsafe-deepclean in sewer system.

Largest janitorial organization in country acknowledges superior performance to alternative cleaners.

One of the largest management companies acknowledges superior alternative to previous cleaners.

Risk loss managers and liability insurance underwriters advised as to SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN legal protection

Tub, shower and tile with permanent slip safe when wet protection

Other cleaners long term slip-resistance compared to SLIPSAFE-DEPCLEAN

Major facilities management magazine endorsement.


Absence of slip-fall claims since application of SLIPSAFE-DEEPCLEAN.